My name is Doug Rice and welcome to my page.


I have eclectic tastes in music such as Johnny Cash, George Jones, Al Churney all the way to Aerosmith, one thing remains, it has to have that beat that makes the toes start to tap. I learned the basics at an early age, cords that only a practiced musician knows, and drove a few music teachers nuts playing them. I learned music by hearing it and discovered I could play most of what I heard so I guess I have a gift. 

I've been in the industry for nearly 35 years as a musician, artist, manager and producer and after a break to raise a family I came back into a digital age which I truly love. I still write, produce and manage but my love is in re-producing some of the great old songs because I can and love sharing them with a new generation. 

I am passionate about many things, but it is music that will always have my soul. Now that I've done (3) full instrumental albums and (5) singles with a E.P on the way for summer 19 I know I am truly blessed to have a world wide fan base that has allowed me to share my passion of creating music


You can join my fan page and get exclusive rewards and help support me in making the music and some awesome videos. 

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