Doug Rice is a singer/songwriter and producer residing in Calgary, Alberta. Canada. With his (35) years of industry experience he's played with some amazing people in his career and still loves to compose music. His favorite is classic country, old time rock & roll and R&B. Music touches all our souls in one form or another and Doug has kept his hand on the pulse of the industry. Doug has always helped new artists get their start in the industry and as of 2020 started his own independent label to help further the careers of upcoming artists, Tiger Music Productions Canada. He'll still writes songs and as Doug says I now write and release songs that I want to do, it's just that simple..

I grew up on country music in Alberta nestled beside the Rocky Mountains, I've always been involved in the craft one way or another., met and had a chance to play with some amazing people along the way. I've been an agent, talent scout and booking agent and now have the time to write songs and concentrate on the music business which is a passion that I love. The business has evolved over the years and is a digital world, we've been through Covid with a world wide effect on the business and still music remains a way to connect people, emotions and memories. Through my lyrics, and music I truly hope to connect you to memories past and bring inspiration, hope and love into your life as it does mine. I like some of the classic country and redoing them is always a great joy, this with new lyrics and songs brings it full circle for me and I truly hope you join me on this journey .