"..Music is the inspiration that moves us, Country is the genre that tells the story.."


Doug Rice is a singer/songwriter and native Albertan residing in Canada. Married in his early 20's he took a step back from music to raise his family and dedicate his free time to field trips with his kids and teaching them values. After a divorce and a break up that resulted in losing his family he turned back to music as his solace with instrumental work producing (2) albums, Reflections and Imagine. From there it was only logical to produce not one but (2) albums for the holidays that Doug held dear "Christmas in our House" & " Christmas from the Heart" which was a masterpiece of instrumental music. 

In spring of 2017 Doug took a chance and on the advice of good friends redid a classic song "Hot Rod Lincoln", unplugged"  He knew he had to retrain his voice and it had changed and got substantially deeper. Doug produced the song with a drop mike and the sound was over the top. Within weeks the song had gone viral and worldwide. Today fans from around the world still listen to the song in awe and as Doug Says "it was a song he loved redoing." 

There is no doubt that Doug has an old soul, he loves classic country and was raised in a musical family and his mentor/father was a lifelong musician. Since Hot Rod Lincoln Doug has redone Teddy Bear by Red Sovine, Christmas Cookies by George Straight. On June the 6th of 2019 Doug redid Convoy by C.J. McCall which is still very popular and played worldwide and as Doug says " I love introducing songs to the younger generation so they don't get lost in time" 

 Doug has been in the music business from an early age and was an active member of A.R.I.A. (Alberta Independent Recording Artists) in Calgary, he is an active member of (Socan) was an active volunteer coordinator at the Alberta Children's Hospital and has a deep love for animals. We asked Doug about that and he say's " I've never met a horse I didn't like" 

We asked Doug about new country and he said if it's country it needs (3) influences " it has to have some soul in it, It has to have some blues in it and it has to tell a good story. other than that it had better have a fiddle or a steel guitar or it ain't country." In 2018 Doug did a song called  "Down by the River., all about meeting a girl in the modern age. When we asked him about it he said it took him 15 minutes to write the lyrics and a solid month to put it together. Although never meant to go public close friends urged him on and he released it , were sure glad he did and it's still climbing the charts as the catchiest, two stepping love song around. 

Doug's working on several songs for 2020 both covers and originals and a duet and says he is leaning more towards releasing singles with a collection of them all on an album. Either way were glad Doug's back in the music business, writing, producing and recording. In 2016 Doug got back into his favorite part of the business Opening Tiger Music Productions Canada and supports artists from around the globe. He still plays instrumental and his favorite time to play live is during the holidays.

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