"..Music is the inspiration that moves us, Country is the genre that tells the story.."


Doug Rice is a singer/songwriter and native Albertan residing in Canada. Married in his early 20's he took a step back from music. With being in the business for nearly (25) years he’s seen an evolution in media relations, advertising and audience reach in the digital world. In early 2016 he went back to school to learn everything he could about social media & analytics and in 2016 Doug got fully back into music producing (2) albums, Reflections and Imagine. From there it was only logical to produce not one but (2) albums for the holidays that Doug held dear "Christmas in our House" &  Christmas from the Heart" which was a masterpiece of instrumental music. 

In spring of 2017 Doug took a chance and on the advice of good friends redid a classic song "Hot Rod Lincoln, unplugged” Doug produced the song with a drop mikes and the sound was over the top. Within weeks the song had gone worldwide. 

There is no doubt that Doug has an old soul, he loves classic country and was raised in a musical family and his mentor/father was a lifelong musician. Since Hot Rod Lincoln Doug has redone Teddy Bear by Red Sovine, Christmas Cookies by George Straight. On June the 6th of 2019 Doug redid Convoy by C.J. McCall which is still very popular and as Doug says " I love introducing songs to the younger generation so they don't get lost in time" 

 Doug has been in the music business from an early age and was an active member of A.R.I.A. (Alberta Independent Recording Artists) in Calgary, an active volunteer coordinator at the Alberta Children's Hospital. As Doug says music will always have his soul and following up on that he has began producing alongside artist management under his own label Tiger Music Productions Canada. 

Since 2019 Doug has released (2) originals Down by the River and as of August 2020 A Country Boys Lullaby, with Covid being around the song was worked remotely between musicians and a scaled back video crew was hired to produce a great country song. Were sure glad Doug’s back in the business.



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